Private Pilot

A private pilot is one who flies for pleasure or personal business without accepting compensation for flying. The vast majority of pilots have this certificate. It allows the pilot to take command of any aircraft for any noncommercial purpose and gives almost unlimited authority to fly VFR. The private pilot may also carry passengers. As a training program under 14 CFR Part 61, a minimum of 40 flight hours are required, including 20 dual hours (with a CFI) and 10 solo hours.

 Lesson NameGround TimeDual TimeSolo TimeTotal TimeInst TimeNight TimeXC Time
1Introduction to Flight1.51.0 2.5   
2Basic Flight Maneuvers1.51.0 2.5   
3Slow Flight1.51.0 2.5   
4Stalls1.01.0 2.0   
5Steep Turns and Slips1.01.0 2.0   
6Emergency Procedures1.01.0 2.0   
7Ground Reference Maneuvers1.01.0 2.0   
8Traffic Patterns1.01.0 2.0   
9Normal Takeoffs and Landings1.01.0 2.0   
10Crosswind Takeoffs and Landings1.01.0 2.0   
11Presolo Preparation1.01.0 2.0   
12First Solo - Takeoffs and Landings0.   
13Short and Soft Field Takeoffs and Landings1.01.0 2.0   
14Second Solo - Takeoffs and Landings0.   
15Third Solo - Takeoffs and Landings0.5 1.52.0   
16Instrument Flying1.01.5 2.51.0  
17Fourth Solo - Slow Flight and Stalls1.0 1.02.0   
18Night Operations1.01.5 
19Navigation Procedures1.51.5 3.00.5  
20Fifth Solo - Ground Reference Maneuvers1.0 1.02.0   
21First Dual Cross Country2.02.5 4.5  2.5
22Second Dual Cross Country2.02.5
23First Solo Cross Country2.0 2.54.5  2.5
24Second Solo Cross Country2.0 2.54.5  2.5
25Practical Test Preparation #11.51.5 3.0   
26Practical Test Preparation #21.51.5 3.00.5  
27Practical Test Preparation #31.51.5 3.0   
 Total Listed: 33.027.510.
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