Commercial Pilot

A commercial pilot may be compensated for flying. Training focuses on a better understanding of aircraft systems and a higher standard of airmanship. A commercial pilot must be able to operate a complex aircraft, which is an aircraft with retractable landing gear, movable flaps, and a controllable pitch propeller.

 Lesson NameGround TimeDual TimeTotal TimeComplex TimeNight TimeXC Time
1Introduction to Complex Aircraft1.  
2Stalls, Slow Flight, and Spins1.  
3Performance Maneuvers1.  
4Ground Reference Maneuvers1.  
5Emergency Descents, Approach, and Landing1.  
6Short and Soft Field Takeoffs and Landings1.  
7Power Off 180° Accuracy Landings1.  
8Day VFR Cross Country1.52.03.5  2.0
9Night VFR Cross Country1.52.03.5 2.02.0
10Practical Test Preparation #  
11Practical Test Preparation #  
 Total Listed: 14.014.528.
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